Hope everyone had a great night!

Can I just talk about how excited I am for Okinawa?????  It's the only thing that is giving me something to look forward to this spring...really the only highlight till August when my bffs all start to get married :)
Thank God my husband supports my desire to quit nannying and go back to Okinawa for a few months. My heart literally aches to be back in Japan.  Yes, I know I'm weird.  But I just can't even start to explain the pure happiness I get from being in Okinawa.  Some things I'm looking forward to:

Living with in walking distance to  Cape Zampa

Seeing my bff and her precious daughter every day (though by then she will be a big 3 year old!)
Also seeing my good friend Lissy, whom I met when I was last there.

The stunning views

Hopefully a trip or two back to the aquarium

Heading up north

And amazing pedicures :)

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