NYE Thankfulness

2011 was an amazing year, and one that will be hard to beat!

January: Lived in Japan

February: B proposed at the Dallas Arboretum

March:  Wedding madness started (our place settings)

April:  Last time at the beach in Pensacola

May: Bridal shower

June: Got married!

July:  Moved to California (drove in a U-Haul from Pensacola)

August: First beach day in California/ went to the Safari Park

September: Flew to Chicago to see my bff get proposed to

October: Joined a Military Wives Bible study at Church-so life changing!!

November: Our first Birthday Ball together/ Welcomed our little Mackie home

December: First Christmas together-drove to Dallas and flew to Chicago so that we could see all our family

Can't wait for 2012 though: Going back to Japan for a few months, finishing up being a nanny, my two bffs are getting married in the fall, B comes home, and we get to start trying for babies!!!

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  1. I love this way of looking back on the new year! You are super cute. Have a great new year!