Sunday Funday

Oh, look.  I'm doing a product review for something I've only ever used once and just discovered today.

Justin's Nut Butter... specifically the Maple Almond.  I was REALLY hungry while in Target this afternoon and saw individual packets of natural peanut butter (I can't even think about eating crap like Jif's anymore...it doesn't even taste like peanuts.  Of course, that's B's PB of choice.  Go figure).  So I grabbed the chocolate hazelnut and maple almond flavors thinking I would just be gross and suck it out of the pouches while driving home.  But then I decided on Chipotle instead.  Fast forward to 10 minutes ago and I toasted a bagel and used the maple almond butter...and holy crap, it was the best thing I've ever eaten.  Just go buy packets and jars of this stuff.

In more relevant news: I adored the lady who cut my hair.  She listened to what I wanted (dark, but with color, but nothing light.  I like red.  And puppies and babies), then repeated it back to me in real person terms (deep brown with tones of dark copper highlights).  Basically, my natural dark brown hair-but better.  Love it.  She was also amazed that I had no damage considering how long it had been since I had a hair cut.  She trimmed me all up and threw in a few long layers so that my whispies blend in better.  Then she gave me a blow-out and I gave her my undying love and gratitude.   It's the start of a beautiful relationship for the next 2.5 years.
Sweet.  Cheesy exhausted car pic.
So awkward typing a post with my own picture on it that I'm alone in.

Today was also my first day of working in the daycare at Church.  I volunteer for one service each week, with two weeks on, two weeks off.  It makes me feel good that I can give back in my time and talents!  My room is for 18-24 months and they are all so cute and small and sweet and there were like 15 of them!  And quite unlike the toddler I nanny, the daycare kids didn't hit and kick each other the whole time.

It's super late (9:30) and past my bedtime.  Here's to NOT waking up at 4am this week!!