Bad day

Dude.  Today sucked.

Got all upset at the hubs, and just as we were making up my phone dropped the call (Sprint drops about 60% of my calls every day).  I just looked at the damn thing for a second, and then threw it as hard as I could in to the floor.

It is annihilated.  Just google "crushed Evo screen"...I'm sure you'll get the idea.

So then I got on Skype to call B back and had to tell him that I broke the gift he bought me last year (insert head hanging in shame).

3 hours later I am using Bs old blackberry so I could still have a phone and feeling like a total piece of shit for breaking my Evo.


  1. Well- good news is now you can get a new phone? :(

    I've also heard Sprint is the worst service around the Camp Pendleton area. AT&T or Verizon are the best carriers around here when it comes to reception and such.

    I hope you day turns around.

  2. I'm sorry you had a bad day...

    I've actually done the SAME THING with my blackberry. SAME STORY too! Got upset with my husband and the stupid phone was messing up (as it always did) and I just threw the thing across the room. It broke & didn't come back to life.

    Do you have insurance?? :) Hope your day gets better!

  3. I am sorry you had a rough day. Just keep your head up.
    I hope today is better for you.

  4. Keep your head held high! Things always work out! Glad you guys made up :)