Ok, I am in a MUCH better mood from yesterday!

Did I even blog at all last week?  I seriously can't remember.  But then again, not much happened.  Worked 50 hours in 4 days...that was a life-drainer.  But a gf in my Bible study told me about a new park on base that I LOVE.  It's totally fenced-in with only one access point and has both grass and that rubbery, bouncy, astro-turf stuff that California parks seem to use.  It's over on your right on the way to the Naval Hospital, next to "Lake" O'Neal.  I say "lake" because people were talking about it like it's a lake you go boating on...it looks like a pond.  Between Lake Michigan and Lake of the Ozarks...ya, it's not a lake people.  Anyways, if you have kiddos, take them to the park-you'll actually be able to relax while they play!

Saturday evening was a blast, the girls in my Military Wives Bible study all got together at the beach on base and we had a bonfire and roasted hotdogs and s'mores.  It was great girl time :)

Sunday...we'll, yall read how that turned out.  The evening was better though :)  Like I told B, at least I waited till the last week you were gone to go crazy...better that than 9 weeks of it!

Which puts us to Halloween!  I have a few friends coming over for a girls night of tv, some light drinking, and handing out candy.

I hope you all have a fun night!

Oh, and the girl I nanny said some of the most ridiculous things today

Me:  "This Oak tree is where cork comes from.  You know, like the corks in your parents' wine bottles"
G:  "I'm gonna grow wine trees, so I never have to buy it"

Me: "Longhorn cattle were originally bred in Texas"
G: "Ya, people sometimes put fur on bread to make cows"


  1. Oh the phone story below was kind of funny I have to admit. I have thrown my phone so hard I broke the cover but I've never been able to do much damage. :/ Sorry to hear it!