Except for our wedding, I haven't been in a salon since 2009.  I haven't had my hair trimmed/cut since '09 (though because I don't EVER style my hair, I literally have no split-ends).  Up until the first week in October, I hadn't colored my hair since...'08?  Granted, when I dyed my hair I just did a dye the same color as my natural hair color; I just wanted to cover the random grays I have (yes, at 25).

So tomorrow at 3 I'll be going in to get a trim, have a major consult on how to deal with my baby fine, curly (read: frizzy looking) hair, and get some lowlights to help make my hair appear thicker.  I know I'm going to stay dark, and I don't want to lose the natural red undertones in my hair.  But I want something a little different!  Granted, as a nanny, it's the best choice to just wear my hair up all the time.  But with the Ball coming up an B coming home in 13(!!!!!!!!) days, I just want to make my hair look nicer...more like a polished 25 year old should look, ya know?  Eek!!


  1. aww, so happy for you!!! enjoy your day of pampering!! Can't wait to hear and see what you get done!! yay for your hubby coming home soon!!!