Lifey update

I just haven't been in the mood to write lately!

I made some AMAZING friends these past few weeks, and it has just been the biggest blessing EVER.  All our husbands were/are gone so we were able to hang out a lot.  It was great to have someone to actually talk to while watching TV or working on crafts :)  On Monday I just went grocery shopping (can we talk about how much I love Trader Joe's?) and clean the house.

Tuesday I was mainly a bum, and then went to a Pure Romance party at a girlfriends house.  If you live in the San Diego area you HAVE TO have Emily do a party for you.  It's so classy and not awkward or anything like that.  You get to test the lotions, etc on your hand or arm so you know what you're getting.  PR makes regular bath and body products too (and KILLER mascara-but get the waterproof kind), that are all parabin free.  And their products are pharm. grade, so way nicer than things from Walmart.  And Emily is easily the sweetest, nicest girl ever, and a personal friend.  She doesn't actually know I am writing this.  Yet.

Work has been going pretty well.  But I have an insane next couple weeks coming up.  One week I'll be there from 5am-5pm for 4 days (I normally only work 3 days/week), and the next I have to work 5 days, but at mainly normal times (7-5), and then a couple random times and days after that.  So we'll be taking a lot of trips!!  I'm thinking the zoo, aquarium, botanic garden, and safari park...anything to help break up such long days!

Today I went to our church's bookstore and picked up The 5 Languages of Love, as well as The Love Dare.  Have any of yall read those books?  I want to read both those books with B before he deploys :)

The people we are renting from fixed our side garage door that was letting the mice in, and set some traps for me.  Two were killed in the traps, and the third drowned himself in a bucket of radiator fluid.  I set a few more traps, but no sign of any more mice.  Hopefully it was just those three!

Tomorrow is Mizzou's Homecoming!!  The University of Missouri literally invented the concept of Homecoming, and tomorrow is our 100th year of homecomings!  I will be wearing my black and gold all day, and really wish I could have made it back to Columbia to celebrate!

2011 also celebrates the 10th year of the recolonization of the Mizzou chapter of my sorority, Phi Mu.  We came on campus in 1914, but decolonized because of WWII (many of our girls were nurses and left school to join the war efforts).

 Have a good weekend, and GO MIZZOU


  1. I've heard all about Trader joe's but we don't have one :( I've got to hear what this is all about. The love dare is a great book. let me know how you like the love languages. I've been wanting to read it too!! happy friday!

  2. 1. I agree with you-trader joes is so good!
    2. I have read the five love languages. It helped me a lot, even in other relationships other than just with my husband (family and friends)
    3. Go MIzzou!!!