Birthday Ball

When I was getting married my mom went out and bought like 10 dresses so she could figure out what she wanted to wear (she chose a BEAUTIFUL deep purple gown...she looked so beautiful!).  Like mother, like daughter, because I've bought three dresses for the Ball because I have NO IDEA what to wear.  Of course the losers will be returned, but still.  Who does that?  Maillet's, apparently.  That's my maiden name.  110 points if you can pronounce that.  Ashley, you don't count.

You know I had to throw a wedding pic in.

First contender.  I have no idea what the actual cut is, or what the back looks like because this is the only picture online.  But it was under 180 including shipping.  Oh, and I ordered it in black.

This gem I bought for 55 off of ideeli.  The non-sale price was around 300, so I jumped on it!  However, it's a large and I wear a small, especially in formal attire.  So if it is the winner, I'll have to have it taken in.

This baby is my favorite.  Love the material, color, and cut (it's the same cut as my wedding dress, so I know it's flattering).  However, I won't even tell you the price.  And B doesn't like it...he said it's too flared at the bottom.  But I ordered it anyways just in case.

Is anyone else as ridiculous as me?  What are you wearing to the Ball?


  1. I love all the dresses you choose! Don't worry I too went a little dress crazy. I had 5 shipped down from NY that were old ones I wore to my prom/ball and friends and am still online shopping.

  2. I love all three!!! I wouldn't be able to decide. I just bought mine, just one. Simple- black- modest. Gonna dress it up with some bling. I'm super excited. I haven't been since 2009 due to a deployment.