Chip crisper

Ok, so another one of my girlfriends sells Pampered Chef (yes, my friends have me covered in the bedroom and kitchen.  Love it).  I had never actually used, or known anyone who uses, PC products.  Or I guess I've never noticed them.  Anyways, I went to my first ever Pampered Chef party like a month ago and bought the microwave chip maker.

B and I have a love/hate relationship with making oven sweet potato fries.  We LOVE to eat them, but they always turn out kinda soggy/kinda burnt.  I don't care what recipe I follow or who swears by what technique, they always suck.  So when Britney said she was hosting a party to kick off her business, I hopped online because I didn't even know what all PC makes.  When I saw the chip maker I knew that was going to be my one purchase (plus, we got married 3 months ago and we don't need any more cooking stuff!).

It. Is. Money.

You get it and are like, "Uhh, it's a rubbery (yet BPA-free) tray with holes in it.  No way will it work".  Three minutes in the microwave and BAM, crispy chippies.  If you have ever had PopChips, that's exactly what they turn out like.  The directions say you can stack the trays, but that didn't really work so well in my microwave (they didn't get crispy).  Just one tray at a time is what works best for me.  And now I can try all the fun seasonings that people pin on Pintrest!

So if you know someone who sells PC (or want Britney's info) GO BUY ONE.  I love it almost as my Keurig coffee maker that I bought as a condolence present to myself when B left.


  1. My friend just started selling PC. I can't wait to stock up on all kinds of fun stuff for my kitchen

  2. Sounds awesome girlie! Glad it worked!