Dinner...exciting title, I know.

Last week I picked up a small spaghetti squash from TJs.  It came with directions printed on its sticker...so helpful, especially for gourds.  Anyways, I had never had spaghetti squash before and had kinda written it off as one of those weird vegan things.

Tonight I nuked it up (12 minutes on high) and it kinda exploded.  So I cut it in half and put the halves back together to allow the steam to escape a bit better.  After 'baking' I removed the seeds and scraped the flesh with a fork.  It strung(?) itself in to angel hair pasta sized noodles.  I added some butter, a lot of parm, and some marinara sauce and WOW, so good!!  The squash made a lot of spaghetti...I would split it with B next time, if I could convince him to try it.  Boys.

from somewhere in google.

I will def have to tell my dad about this one.  He has a really bad allergy to gluten (not Celiac's), but this meal was so filling and tasty that I think he would like it if he tried it!

What's a 'new' food you tried and ended up loving?
My recent discoveries are spaghetti squash, tuna fish in a can, and grapefruit

What food do you just hate?
Anything with dill..pickles being the main offender.  Lamb, too.  I tried a nibble at our tasting for the wedding and then got sick.  So nasty.

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