Funny/cute little story:

B and went to Toys R Us to buy some baby things for Alli's shower.  So we are looking at all the adorable stuff and gather everything we want to get, and then go to grab a box of diapers.  Because I feel like you have to give diapers at a shower.  And holy cow, they are so expensive.  So I made a comment to B along the lines of "this is why I want to cloth diaper.  We can get 3 cloth diapers for the cost of this one box of disposables, and they will last for our two kids".  That really made his head snap.  He was like, "wait...what?!  Seriously?!".  It was a pretty cute moment for me, because he's in the beginning stages of 'I'm gonna be a dad one day!'


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  1. I think these are such a great idea! I will use them for my children too!! Diapers are so expensive!