Vacation and picture vomit

Whew, this weekend flew by!  After a few drinks Saturday night, B and I decided to go to Vegas on Sunday.  He's only been once (for New Years last year while I was in Japan), and I had never been at all!  Sunday morning we woke up, packed a bag, looked at a map, and got on the road.  Four hours later we were there and pulling into the Mandalay Bay parking garage.

After freshening up and getting all cute, we hopped in a cab to Treasure Island to see the Siren show and  have a few drinks before going to explore The Strip.  We ended up spending a few hours walking through Caesar's Palace and ate dinner at Max Brenner's restaurant.  In all honesty, it was just ok food.  I had the fish tacos, and B got a chicken caesar salad.  I wish we had split a dessert, but we wanted to just be full, not go into a food coma.  After dinner B played craps at a few places before we headed back to our hotel around midnight.  I know, I know, not overly exciting.  But neither him not I like to go clubbing so it was right up our ally.  Next time I think we'll go see a show, or hole up in a bar for a few hours too.

Monday morning we woke up and checked out before our 11 o'clock check out time so we could get on the road to see the Hoover Dam.  Going to the Dam was Bs way of bribing me to go to Vegas in the first place, and I am SO glad we went!  It was a pretty dive and we swung up to an over-look point to see Lake Mead.  The water looked so pretty, my camera phone didn't do it justice at all!

After that, we drove over the bridge that spans the Colorado River, then came back north and drove over the Dam itself before parking and walking it.

Once I had my fill of sightseeing, we got back on the road and proceeded to sit in traffic for two hours before taking a random road that cut through the Mojave National Park in order to bypass the traffic jam (come to find out it was from fires).  Anyways, it was such a stunningly beautiful drive.  The rocks were beautiful, and it made me feel in total awe of God.  After 7 very long hours we made it home and passed out.

Today has been spent cleaning the house, doing like 6 loads of laundry, and watching TV.  B is making us dinner tonight, and tomorrow starts my normal week of working out before work, then coming home and trying to be productive before going to sleep at 9.

So, I warned yall there would be picture vomit.  But I hope you each had a great weekend, too!!


  1. This wasn't photo vomit. Lots of photos are great. Looks and sounds like y'all had a great time! I'd love to visit Las Vegas sometime. :)
    And thanks for your encouraging note on my blog! I agree. :)

  2. Great photos!! It looks like you had a blast!!

  3. Um how fun! I love Vegas! Where do you live if 4 hours away from Vegas? I used to live in UT and it was around that to get there, well more like 5! I want to go back soon!


  4. Ashley, we live over in Oceanside!

  5. Looks like you had a great time! I want to visit Vegas one day! Great pictures!