Movie Review and Nannying

B and I just go back from seeing Conan the Barbarian.  From my perspective, it was horrible.  So gory and gross and just not what I was expecting.  I literally spent most of the movie closing my eyes.  Call me a wuss, but it was just too much!  If you don't like blood, or just want a movie with a plot line that's deeper than "save the girl", pass on Conan.

In happy news, I made a mom friend while at the park last week!  We exchanged numbers (this is huge for me, since I'm a bit of a homebody some times) and met up at the library for toddler story time on Thursday.  Then on Friday we met up with another mom at a local park.  G LOVED it because the mom has a daughter that's just her age.  S just liked having new kids to follow around, and of course I loved having another adult to talk to while the kiddos were playing.

On Friday G and I colored while S was napping, and I came up with these two gems.  Pardon the quality and backwardness, I used Photobooth.  And yes, I hung them on of fridge.
Click to enlarge.  Trust me.

Tomorrow B and I are planning on going shooting-I haven't been since March!  I'll let yall know how it goes!  Have a great night!

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  1. The buffalo totally made my life. SO cute.
    Shooting sounds like fun. Have a great time. :)