Puppy Sitting

G had preschool on Wednesday and Thursday, and it was GLORIOUS.  I took S to the Oceanside Pier and let him push his stroller down to the end and back because I'm awesome.  Then he took a 3 hour nap.
And then the power went out for like 12 hours and EVERYONE PANICKED BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO AC.
We live in southern California.  Honestly people, there is no logical reason to even HAVE a/c.  Yes, it was a warm 90 yesterday.  My Chicago HS didn't have a/c and we went to class when it was 110 in August.  No sympathy points.  Anyways, the power came back on, some guy should have been fired from SDGE, and I didn't get frozen yogurt last night.

Today was a short day at work, so I called up my mom friend and took the kiddos to the park for a few hours.  Then we came home and I fed them dino nuggets and fruit, and we colored and read books till their mom came home at 12:30.
A called and asked if B and I could watch her dog, Aubie (aka Aubs) while she is the SDO tonight.  So he (Aubs, not B) is going insane in the backyard while I type this.  He loves having space to actually run, and is currently growling at leaves and trying to eat rocks and mulch.  A was like, "he's gonna cry and whine all night so be prepared."  Ya, I'm prepared to put his cage in the downstairs bathroom and shut the door.  Because really, I value my sleep.

B leave soon for his TAD-thing, and we just found out when he'll be deploying.  I'm so excited for him :)  And when he gets back from deployment, it will be time to start trying for a baby.  Lots of excitement in the new few years!!

Tomorrow B and I are heading down to San Diego to meet my sorority sister and her husband for lunch!  I'm so excited to see a friend from Mizzou again!!  She is a fellow blogger, though much more professional than I am!  Here is her blog.

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?


  1. I heard about the no power. How scary and weird! The puppy is adorbs, I want to take him home. :)