Good morning!  These past few days I have been in a crafty mood + spending all my free time in Pintrest (don't act like you don't too) has lead to a few small projects.

First up:  I actually saw a girl wearing this one of the first days we moved to Oceanside, but I had to wait till B was gone before I attacked his old cammies.  All I did was remove his name tape off his pants and attach a snap closure and BAM, instant bracelet.  It makes me feel happy to be wearing it while he's gone, ya know?  I bought a little snap attacher thing for like 6 bucks at Michaels.

Project two was from Pintrest:  Candy Corn as decoration.

Cute little candle holders from Crate and Barrel Outlet

Spooky little guys from the dollar bin at Walmart

Candy corn again

So nothing over the top or extra unique, just a little fall cheer.  I think I;m going to keep using the basic concept year round though.  Acorns or something for Thanksgiving, red and green beads for Christmas, etc.

Has anyone else sold their soul to Pintrest?  Any thing you have recreated?

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  1. Awe! That is an awesome idea!! When we got married I really wanted to make a garter out of some old name tape - but the time just escaped me and I bought my garter, like, the day before the wedding!