Good Lord, it took her long enough to talk to her family, but my bff Dana is engaged to her long-time boyfriend (of 5 years!), Justin!!!  I love this couple so much, and could not be happier for them!!

Justin emailed me about 6 weeks ago asking of I could come up to Chicago to be there when he proposed. I gave an instant YES and bought my ticket!.  Fast forward to Saturday and I hadn't told any one (except B and my parents, obviously) I was going to be in town incase someone said something on Facebook or Twitter.

I met up with Justin's twin, Nick, Nicks gf Ashley, and another couple (Scott and Maria) at the end of Navy Pier and waited for the couple to show up.  Just past 5:30 we see them nearing us, followed by the twins sister, Danielle, running in heels at a full sprint to catch up.

I see you, Danielle

Dana is thinking, "Oh, hey guys...this is awkward"

"Will you marry me?"


And he gave Dana her own Murphy Cubs jersey

An illegal toast to the happy couple

The future Mr. & Mrs. Justin Murphy

Gahh, I'm crying again.  I love them!!!!!

Afterwards we all hopped in a cab and got Italian and drank way too much wine, then had more champagne, and possibly some Lemonchello martinis.

All my love and best wishes to you both!!!!!


  1. that is way too cute! congrats to your friends!! :)

  2. I'm so glad you posted pictures - this looks like such a sweet engagment story! I've only ever witnessed two engagements and they were both awkward - one was this couple in line for a porta-potty in downtown St. Louis before the Arch Rivalry football game (SOOOO romantic, right?), and another was this guy who flew in to St. Louis to suprise his girlfriend and proposed in the airport (when I worked there). That was also really awkward. But friends + Chicago landmark = awesome.

  3. Oh my goodness gracious alive , how exciting and you were able to capture pictures! What a sweet engagement! Congratulations to your friends, what a sweet blessing to have their family and BFF there to witness this important event and capture it all on camera! So happy :)

  4. Oh how exciting! I love engagements! :)