Short update

Peanut is sick, so you'll have to pardon the lack of blogging.  Her 10 month update is completed, but I haven't been able to take her normal 10 month pictures due to her being so under the weather.

After 3 solid days of having a fever and a newly-developed cough, hubby and I threw in the towel and Izy has a doctor appointment this afternoon.  She was in last week for pink eye (she was a snot bucket since she cut HER FIRST TOOTH!!!!) and well, little hands trying to wipe their own noses doesn't end well.  That's all cleared up and her nose, while still a faucet, is clear.  But the cough is worrisome to this first time mommy!

I've also been super busy with writing for MSW, as well as packing up the house (18 days left) and prepping for my last ever California Scentsy party.  Oh!  And E and I went to MommyCon up in LA on the 6th (it was awesome!!).

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