Prayers needed

I love being the wife of a Marine.  Don't get me wrong.  But we had ANOTHER crash in the skid community today, and it just breaks my heart more and more each time it happens.


And then a year and a half ago our squadron lost 7 men in a training incident.  At home.

And I thank God every day B didn't get his wings and that we are leaving this phase of our life.  The heartache is unreal.  The loss is beyond sickening.

I no longer enjoy driving past the flightline.  All I see is death.  And Lord help me when we drive past the mountain range in Arizona where we lost our men.

When B was in flight school I would help him study. We were going over in-air evac procedures for fixed wings (that termage is all wrong...it's been 4 years!).  And I then I asked, what's the procedure for helos?  His reply:  there isn't one.

My heart is just devastated for the wives and children of those pilots.
Please pray for the families comfort.
Pray the Navy finds their bodies so the families have something to bury.
Pray the men are remembered as heros.

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