9 months old!

Sweet baby, you are 9 months old today!!  You are getting smarter, stronger, and more beautiful with each and every day.  You amaze daddy and me constantly. Daddy bought you your first motorcycle (walker) this month, and after a few days you became a champ at pushing it all over the house.  You are standing and getting bolder and bolder each day.  Bathroom doors now have to stay shut because someone has discovered they can use the toilet to stand up and that makes mommy want to vomit.  You had your first laugh attack over something Mackie was doing.  You just laughed and laughed till you couldn't breath!  And then you laughed some more.  I videoed it, and it melts my heart to hear your sweet giggles.  Some of mommy's best friends have little boys around your age, so you have dates a few times a week.

Stats:  My little peanut has almost grown out of her 6 month clothes.  6 month bottoms are too small because of her cloth diapers (though just right in length), and many of the tops are getting snug across her chest.  She is 16 1/2 pounds of fluffy cuteness and 2'3" tall.

Likes: Food!  Mango is a standing favorite, but she will eat pretty much anything.  She also over crawling and prefers to be standing any time is is on the floor.  She always has to suck her thumb and cuddle with either of her lovies when she is put down to sleep.  She loves her books and being read to.  Harassing the dog is another favorite pastime of hers.  Bath time is her favorite time of the day.  She crawls as fast as humanly possible into the bathroom and stands up at the tub as soon as I undress her and put her down on the floor.  Daddy does bath time each night, and on the weekends he is the first to get E and brings her into our bed for morning cuddles.  Sometimes they let me sleep and watch a TV show together.  It's so adorable.

Dislikes:  Being on her changing table.  It's like she is being murdered at every diaper or outfit change.

Milestones:  Walking with her little walker, playing shy, and actually covering her eyes while playing peek-a-boo.  You can sign for 'more', and now we are working on 'please' and 'thank you'.  You can drink out of straws and we only have one bottle left out (incase I'm gone at bedtime, then daddy can give you a bottle), so you are officially a straw-style sippy cup girl!  Izy makes the B and D sounds all the times, and often enough will make the Th, S, and F sounds.  Just after her 9 month birthday, our sweet girl learned how to clap! It is SO precious!

7:30/8:00- wake up
5:30-dinner (solids)
6:30-Bath, books, boob, and in bed by 7:00
9:30-dream feed her before I pass out.
She nurses when she wakes up in the morning, as well as from her naps.
We read her Bible and Panda Bear, Panda Bear every night.  Often she'll stop nursing and sit up and look from her nightstand to me until I grab one of her books.  Then she'll lean back against me and sit so quietly until I finish both books.  Only then will she resume nursing.  Being the bookworm that I am, this totally melts my heart.
Dinner consists of an organic grain-based pouch/tofu/cooked beans, fresh fruit and veggies, and puffs.  A few times a week she will also get some organic shredded cheese.  Naturally most of the food ends up on the floor, but she is doing so well at feeding herself.  I give her a light snack after she nurses at breakfast and lunch, with the purpose of getting her into the habit of 3 meals a day.  Sometimes I dice her food, but normally it's given to her in big chunks that she can easily hold.

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