5 months!

Oh, my sweet little lovie, where has the time gone?!  Somehow you are already starting your 5th month of life with us!  You are so strong and getting nice and chubby.  I had to put away a few of your 3 month clothes last week.  Depending on the brand you mostly wear 3-6 or 6 month clothing.  But the 6 months are mostly pants because of your cloth diapers.  Your crazy spitting up has finally slowed down, although some days you throw up a lot.

12.3 pounds at your 5 month appointment.  You also have two teeth (top and bottom I-teeth), though they are just above your gums.  More must be on their way because we have had a drooling, gnawing, little girl over here the past week.

Likes: Rolling around on the floor, car rides, her exer-saucer, nursing, being read to (though only rhyming books so far), cuddling, pulling on Mackie's face when he gets too close, being outside (we love the Botanic Garden and go all the time), BATH TIME, and sleeping in the corners of her crib.

Dislikes: Getting dressed and falling asleep

Milestones:  We have a scooter!  Baby girl will roll and scoot herself all over the place!  Her top right incisor has dropped down, and she is so over playing on her back.  Elizabeth's first plane ride happened this month, too.  We flew to Houston and she got to meet the whole Maillet side of the family (my dad's side).  That included her great grandparents, too!

Normal Day:
E wakes up at about 6:15 and I bring her in to bed to nurse.  She falls back asleep with me and I wake her up by 8:30 so we can make it to Stroller Strides on time.  We are working really hard on helping E nap for longer periods of time.  These 30 minute, twice a day naps are OVER.  This momma isn't putting up with them anymore :)  Right now she naps at 11:30 and 3:30.

By 6:30 we are both tired and it's time to start our evening routine.  E takes a long bath filled with singing and splashes.  If daddy is home, he helps too.  Then it's pajamas, nursing, and off to sleep.  She doesn't always fall right to sleep, but it's been months and months since she has cried after being put to bed.

Elizabeth eats every 3 1/2-4 hours, and always right after waking up.

She is still sleeping through the night, from 7:30-6:15, praise God.  Although she is a horrible napper, at least she gets a solid 11 hours at night!


  1. Five months?? Seriously where has the time gone! I'm loving her chubbiness!