Baby girl hates naps.  Nighttime sleep?  She's a champ.  She'll go 11-12 hours and not make a peep the entire time.  But sleeping during the day?  That's for fools.

She has currently been up in her crib for the past 45 minutes.  37 of which have been spent crying, on and off.  Before you think I'm a horrible mom, I'm not.  I'm watching her on the video monitor and going up to rub her tummy and tell her I love her every 20 minutes.  She doesn't even have tears, she is literally just making crying noise.  And the kicker, when I go in to let her know "mommy is still here", she just starts smiling and cooing as if to say, "oh, hey mommy!  What have you been up to?  I'm just chilling!"

Yesterday she was awake for 7 hours before falling asleep for 20 minutes.  Izy is 3.5 months old...should she be sleeping every 4 hours or so?!

This is only day 2 of this, but it's hard!  Yesterday was worse though, because both times when I put her down (11 and 3) it was like she was literally crying "momma, momma!" every few minutes.  Today she is just pissed.  But she now has 9 minutes left before her "nap time" is over (I can't wait for the days of multi-hour naps!!).  And then she'll eat and we'll take the pup on a long walk.  And do this all over again at 3.


  1. That's a bummer! My son took about 4 naps a day at that age! He LOVES his sleep haha

    1. Lucky!! She's just not a day sleeper, I guess. Considering how much I LOVE naps, I'm shocked, lol.

  2. Man, my baby takes 4 naps a day! I'm lucky if she is up for 2hours, it's usually more like 1.5 hours before she is out! She will sleep for 8 hours at night but wakes up 2-3 times complaining about it!