I'm a rebel

I've been dying for a "real" camera for years.  However, it finally became truly important to me once Izy was born.  Hubby agreed that we could buy one in April.  Fast forward and a friends' friend posted on fb that she was selling her Rebel T4i.  3 days later, it was ours!!  We got it for an absolute steal, and are SO happy with it!  B loves the camera too, and he's actually picking it up all the time and getting pictures of E and myself.  And you moms know how few pictures you get where you are actually in the same picture as your kid.

We have lots of learning to do, but are so happy to have a camera with a fast shutter speed!


  1. Yay for a new camera! That is one purchase that you will never regret making!

  2. Love it!!! Oh yes, well aware of how many pictures have the kids, kids & daddy and few of me and kids! That is great that he's enjoying it too!!! She is so precious hun!

  3. How exciting! It makes such a difference having a decent camera, especially when taking pictures of your little one. Enjoy working it all out! I've had ours for 6 years and I'm still learning!