Botanic Garden, take 2

Back when I was nannying the evil children, I would take the little boy to the Botanic Garden once a week.  They have an amazing children's area and it was super relaxing to be able to strap him the stroller and space out while walking around.

Fast forward to being a mommy and I still love the place.  I bought a membership for a total steal earlier this week and have already been back.

The Walled Garden has that real looking astro-turf stuff that's so popular here in SoCal, which is perfect for laying a blanket down for Izy to roll around on.  Then then I don't have to accidentally sit in wet grass and then walk around looking like I peed my shorts (that happened Thursday).

And someone finally learned how to roll from her back to her tummy!!  She had been trying so hard these past two weeks and she finally did it!  

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