Thankful November

I'm not sure I can only list one thing that I'm thankful for per day!  Every moment I'm thankful for my husband, for the little baby who is kicking the crap out of my as I type this, and for our families.  I'm thankful my husband wants me to be a stay at home mom.  I'm thankful he is such a hard worker and is always looking ahead to our future.  I'm thankful he came home from deployment no worse for the wear.  I'm thankful that God put us together!!!!

Today (and for the next 7), I have an extra little blessing:  Sydney, my friends 4 month old black lab-mix pup!  B and I are puppy sitting and although I know it will bring many stressful moments, it's such a huge blessing because Mackie has a playmate.  I play fetch with Mack {many, many} times a day, we go on short walks, and I take him with me on errands.  He gets tummy scratches and little kisses on the top of his head.  I sit outside with him because he is happiest just being outside.  But.  I'm 9 months pregnant and haven't been taking him on long walks like I used to.  Sometimes I'll leave him downstairs for hours while I take a much needed nap.  And when B comes home from working 11 and 12 hour days, he hardly has the energy to play fetch with him, much less take him on a run.  Things like that make me feel like a horrible puppy-mommy!  Since little miss Sydney will be with us for a week, I don't feel so guilty.  Mackie has a friend and won't be lonely or bored.  As long as I don't kill Sydney for peeing inside (we have a doggie door, but she isn't used to it yet), it should be a great week!

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  1. I love reading why other people are thankful. I wish more people would focus on what they have instead of what they want..

    the whole peeing inside is the main reason we dont have a dog yet...but I am sure it will happen! Is she potty trained?