Another doctor appointment

Went to the doc this morning...and it didn't go as well as I'd hoped.  I'm about 70% effaced and she is sitting at 0, meaning her head is super low and she putting pressure on el cervix (which is really good!).  However, I'm still only about a centimeter dilated, which really bummed me out.

My parents came in to town last minute on Monday night because I had been so crampy on Sunday.  They stayed with us for a few days, but just checked in to a hotel for the rest of their stay.  Bs parents arrive tonight, and they are staying in a hotel, too.  Some time after little miss arrives everyone but my mom will go back home and she will stay with us for a few weeks (I think), till I am back on my feet.  My mom spent the last two days making all sorts of freezer meals for us.  I'm so so grateful for her hard work!  My dad has also kept busy: he totally cleaned and organized the garage so B won't have to worry about it any more.  Such a relief.

I'm going back in on Friday to have my membranes swept, and that should hopefully do the trick.  If not then I'll be induced on Monday evening!

As unbelievably excited as I am, I am also distraught because both our dad are having to take so much time off work to come out here, and we don't have any idea what day she will be born.  B and I both feel guilty making our families stay in hotels too, even though there is no physical way to host that many people in our house (we have a full sized bed in the guest room/office and a couch)!

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  1. Don't feel bad! That's what family is for! I would be so grateful to have my family down here to help with a situation like that but we live so far away! Good to see that everything'g good with the baby! Can't wait to see pictures of her! :] I just realized our husbands are stationed at the same base!