How about that stand-down? And Phoenix.

If you follow the news/are military, I'm sure you heard about this, Marines on Bastion killed during an attack.  My husband works on the flight line, where the attacks took place.  He was able to send off a fast email when things calmed down: "I'm ok, check the news.  Love you".  That was the 2nd such email I have received this deployment.  Enough make my heart stop, despite knowing he was currently ok.  Of course, "calmed down" is a relative term.  You know everyone is on edge, angry, and mourning over the loss of two Marines.  No one expects to lose someone while they are on base, you know?  We aren't talking about a remote FOB here!

I'm so ready for B to be home and safe again.  I hope Obama likes his stand-down, because it's obviously going super well in the middle east.

In happy news, I took the dog and drove to Phoenix to stay with some friends on Thursday.  Ross was Brad's best man in our wedding, and recently married Megan back in April.  They were kind enough to open their home when I called having a minor break down last Sunday.  It was a much needed break.  I just needed to leave California!  Of course, being there turned in to an even bigger blessing because I was able to have both support from them and TV access to keep updated when the attack on Bastion happened (I canceled our cable when B deployed).
On Saturday Mizzou (my alma mater) played ASU (where Ross went), so we all went out to breakfast representing our schools.  B joined us for breakfast, but didn't wear his Texas Tech t-shirt ;)


  1. I feel you with the 'I'm ok, check the news.' My husband and I had the same communication when he was deployed. We have our 'code'. You're thisclose to having him home, I'm excited for you but my heart goes out to the marines that were killed.

  2. So glad your husband is okay. I can't imagine what it must be like for you guys. Thinking of you :)