Life this week

This week I've:

Made a simple quilted Christmas blanket for Miss. Lizzie

Started "Phase 2" at my chiropractor appointments.  That means I have new exercises to do, and still get adjusted 3x a week.

Taken the pup to the vet for suspicious welts.  Turns out Mackie is more of a "winter dog", and he's having a reaction to the heat.  Heat?  It's 80 here.  He needs to toughen up!
Toughest life ever

Made friends with a new neighbor.  She's in her mid-50s and a total fire cracker from the East coast.

Have given Mackie lots of play time at the dog parks and a local soccer field where he can fetch to his hearts content (our yard doesn't let him sprint around like a field does!).

Determined that I am just not capable of cooking for one.  All my dinners can easily feed both B and myself.

Gotten really anxious for B to get home!  Now that I know the approximate when, I'm so antsy!
Someone else misses him too

Started on a new girly quilt for Lizzie (pinks, oranges, blues, and greens).  It's coming along much faster than I expected and I'm really excited for it to take shape!

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