Friday Letters

Dear neighbors, sorry you see me in my boyshorts and sports bra every day.  It's hot and I'm pregnant.  I'd be naked if I didn't have a dog and windows.
Dearest B, I'm glad we only have X amount of time left with this deployment.  Hopefully X doesn't change too much!
Dear Mackie, as much as your mommy loves to clean the house, vacuuming up the crap you track in every single day is really annoying.  Also, when you bark at nothing in the middle of the night I want to kill you.
Dear California, thank you for being so gorgeous this morning!

Dear B, sorry about the splurge at Ulta today.  Oh, wait, I paid cash and you don't know about it...yet.
Dear USPS employee, sorry for calling the post office stupid, but IT IS.
Dear landlord, sorry I have killed 3 of the 4 potted bushes...that are on a timered drip-system I haven't ever changed since we moved in...I have no idea how it happened, but I'm glad we are just renting.  Why do I have black thumbs??


  1. Hahaha I am sure the neighbors understand(or should)! I just did the same thing at Forever 21! Whoops!!! :)

  2. I have to say your post made me giggle this morning. I agree with the 'windows and dog' feature. I'm the same way and I'm not even pregnant [yet].