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...being pregnant.  I feel amazing, beautiful, and so happy.  Ever since my hellacious 24/7 morning sickness went away, I've been on cloud 9.

...Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  And thanks to Pinterest, I know know everything they are capable of.

...the evenings when I'm just chilling on the couch or up in bed and I can feel E bouncing around.

...knowing we are over half way done with this deployment (for now.  ha).

...getting to be my bffs MOH in her wedding next weekend!

...mustard.  I loved it before getting pregnant, and now I somehow love it even more

...In n Out burgers.  Just had my first one in like 3 months this evening.  Yum.

...being pregnant.  Did I mention that?  Because I really love it!!

...the RIPPED class at my gym.  I feel so awesome every time it's over.

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  1. Ah the pregnancy bloom! Glad you're feeling so good.
    I'm just reaching the third trimester feet-swelling, back aching stage but still loving being pregnant.
    Enjoy it!