I need to vent about something military related.

With my girl friends who are Marine wives, we never talk about the guys' work, their rank, any of that. Aside from "how are you doing with the deployment?", it never really goes farther than that.  We have our own lives and worries outside of the Marines.
In my church Growth Group (for Military wives only), we have a standing rule that you are not allowed to talk about what your husband does (or rank).  It just doesn't matter in the context of worship.

So fast forward to facebook.  Husbands squadron has a closed fb group for us spouses/gf's/parents (anyone listed on the next-of-kin list, basically).  Fine, there are like under 400 members.  So it's everyone knows that any husband, etc. you are talking about is IN the squadron.  Simple.

There are these damned women who, EVERY SINGLE TIME they ask a question to the FRO on the group wall, mention their husbands rank (or, worse, in a random wall discussion).  It's not just one or two people.  It's like a lot of people who do this.  WHY???

The FRO knows your name.  In a group as small as a squadron, there are maybe 2 duplicate names.  And that's being generous.  "Have you received pictures for LCpl Jack Sandusky" (made up name).  The appropriate thing to say would have been, "It's Jill, did you receive the pictures of Jack Sandusky?"

Am I the only wife who gets seriously peeved about this??  Yes, I will have a FB post when B gets promoted in a few days.  Yes, I'll write something mushy here on the blog.  But it's a special life event for him.  He deserves to be recognized for his hard work and dedication to the Marines.


  1. The whole rank thing is one of my least favorite things about the Marine Corps! I don't understand wives who think that they are their husbands' ranks! I think that is neat that your church group doesn't allow it!

  2. I completely feel you on this. I would always introduce myself by my first and last name and state I was my J. [last name]'s wife. I can't stand the 'rank game.' That's just what it is, a game to wives who put in their husbands rank. Ugh. I understand how you feel hun.

  3. I know zip about military life other than what I've seen on Army Wives (TV, the source of all my knowledge), and I know those ladies get annoyed with ranks. So I understand, kinda sorta. But that would totally annoy me if I was hanging out with someone and they constantly mentioned "My husband, the CEO of ExecuCorp" or whatever.

    1. That's exactly how is it. YOU are not the CEO, your husband is.

  4. The rank thing DRIVES ME CRAZY!! And I agree, I think that it is awesome that your church doesn't allow it!

  5. people are just stupid!!!!! Don't worry, lady. There will always be someone like that, unfortunately. Give it some time, and you will start tuning it out. Sadly enough, I put those women (who always mention rand) in my don't be super good friends with these people group-- they end up being super competitive about everything, and I'm sorry, but I just dont have time for that. Best wishes girlie!