Spending time with my sister!

I've been up at Tara's (my sister in law) house the past few days.  It's been so awesome to spend time with her!  On Wednesday I kept her company while she went to close down a few duplexes (for work).  Then her husband, son, her in laws, and I went and got lunch at this great Italian restaurant called Italian Garden. The portions were huge, and we all had a good time.  Her father in law got a medium sized pizza (planning to take a few slices home).  The thing came out and it was easily as big as an xl pizza from a chain store!
A couple sitting behind us went up to Tara and James on their way out and complemented them on Weston and how fun he had been to watch.  It was really sweet.  Weston absolutely hates me though.  Every time I am left alone with him he runs away screaming with these big aligator tears.  It's the saddest thing ever.  He's just at that stage where he only wants his Daddy.
I was able to email with B a ton yesterday which was awesome.  He sends texts to my phone from his email (I don't know how), and it generally works really well.  It's almost like we can have a real conversation :)  He still hasn't received his Father's Day box.  I'm so disappointed.  It contained all the 3D/4D ultrasound things, some cards, and his favorite candy.  Hopefully it shows up before he leave country.  Or they just send it back home and I can re-mail it.

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