Baby Names

In just 9 more days we will be finding out what BW is!!!

B and I have been set on baby names pretty much since we got married.  If BW is a boy he'll be Colton Edward.  If she's a girl, her first name will be Elizabeth (nickname Lizzie or Elle/Ellie till she's old enough to tell us what she wants to be called).  But we have no idea what her middle name will be!  B wants Marie (my middle name).  I have a whole list including Harper, Grace, Paige, and Austin.  With Elizabeth being such a traditional name, I also want to give her a fun, less traditional middle name.

If you really want to have a laugh over some super bitchy women getting their panties in a twist, head over to babycenter.com and read the Baby Names Group board.  Holy cow, God help you if you want to give your baby non-traditional name.  The group does have some good suggestions, though people post the craziest names sometimes.


  1. How funny your post. I'm from Frisco, it's my home town.

    1. Awe, fun! It's so beautiful up there...the husband and I can't wait to move back to Texas!!

  2. I love both of the names you guys have chosen! I also love the idea of giving your girl (it it's a girl) a middle name that is a little more fun! I absolutely love the name Harper and it was on my list when we found out we were having a girl. It would be really cute with Elizabeth! I think Grace is always a great middle name too. I haven't been to that board but I did visit a few others when I was pregnant and I agree- people get way too worked up over what other people are naming their children! Some of them take it so seriously. It's crazy!

  3. I've always LOVED the name Harper....but I've given up on it, because Harper Hauri just sounds positively miserable. So I vote you use it :)