Military Monday!

Jamie, at Handeling with Grace? was sweet enough to feature my opinion of Camp Pendleton on her blog!  Every Monday she features a new spouse at various military installations.  I personally love reading other women's stories about where they live and have found a few new blogs to follow through Military Mondays, too.
Jamie's blog is pretty great.  She's funny, straightforward about the ups and downs of the military (and life in general), and is a Navy wife.  Go read my post and then keep reading on her blog!


  1. Hi Michelle. I actually found your blog through Jamie [Handling with Grace]. I love reading her blogs and look for new blogs to add to my following. I'm an Army Wife of 4 years, in Texas. I look forward to reading your blog. A belated congrats on your little one, we are hoping to add to our family too.

  2. Hi, found your blog through Jamie!
    We are currently stationed at Camp Pendleton also and I'm looking forward to following your blog!
    Congrats on your baby!! :)