Frisco for the Day

I drove up to Frisco to get a 2nd adjustment at the chiropractor this morning.  Since it's a solid 45 minute drive without heavy traffic, I gave my friends a call to grab a quick lunch afterwards.  We met at CiCi's Pizza (never good, never bad), and then I went to the mall.  My intention was to see the baby girl bedding I love in person at PBK.  However, they weren't carrying it in their store (sad).

Since that was a bust, I walked around the mall for a little bit.  I ended up getting three Gap Maternity tops on sale.  Almost all of my current maternity tops have side ruching, which is fine, but I don't always want to wear a top with ruching.  I normally don't like Gap at all-nothing ever fits right on me.  But they had a little maternity section, the prices weren't crazy, and the sweet sales associate gave me 15% off.
After the Gap I went down to Soma to get fitted for a new bra.  None of my bras fit anymore.  At all.  Stuff is popping out and the underwire is leaving marks.  I'm now at a 32 D.  D.  Really?  That shocked me because when I think of D boobs I think of a porn star, you know?  But I guess I was way off of reality!!  Now I finally have a few great fitting bras that will hopefully last a few more months/I'll be able to wear post-baby.

Tomorrow the family is going to a RoughRiders baseball game (a Father's Day gift).  It doesn't start till 7, but it's going to a hot hour and a half till the sun goes down!  Last time I was at a baseball game was in college and I can't wait to see a live game again!

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