Face talk

The very first pregnancy symptom I got was a broken out face.  Nothing too nasty, but for a girl who never had acne or zits growing up, it was a huge confidence breaker.  Zits on my hair line, chin, and temples.  Ugh.  So for the past 4.5 months I've tried every facial cleanser in the drugstore.  Simple, Clean & Clear, St. Ives, Burt's Bees...everything.  Nothing would work.  So when my awesome aunt gave me cash for my birthday (yes, at 26.  She's great), I went straight to the LUSH counter at my parent's local mall.  I explained to the girl helping me what was going on and what my 'normal' used to be.  She showed me the best products for me and let me try them out.

I ended up getting UltraBland and Tea Tree Water, which is a light toner used to remove the UltraBland.
I literally cannot sing enough praise for this combo, or how amazing LUSH is in general.  Plus the girls at the counter gave my mom and I the best customer service I've ever had.

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