Friday's Letters

Dear Husband, I miss you!  It's been two days since I've heard from you, and although we've gone much longer before, I still don't like the radio silence.  But thank you for the hand written anniversary letter.  You'll never know how much that meant to me!!

Dear BW, you are making momma look like she has a beer-gut.  Please hurry up and pop.  I don't like looking like I partied too much in college and haven't care enough to lose the tummy.  That, and I already want to show you off!!!

Dear Mackie, Please be a good boy for Grandma and Grandpa while I'm in Dallas these next 2 weeks. I'm going to miss you tons, especially your sweet cuddles when we are on the couch.

Dear 7 for All Mankind, you're maternity jeans are the most amazing thing I've ever owned and the best 200 I've ever spent.

Dear self, keep drinking water!!  You are supposed to drink two Nalgene's a day, not one.  Step it up.

Dear Annabelle, I am so very excited I get to nanny you again this fall.  You and your family are one of the best things that ever happened to me {almost 3 years ago-wow}!  You helped make me in to the momma I'm going to be.  I love you so so much!!

And finally, Dear Giardiniera Peppers, you make my life right now.  The hotter, the better!

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  1. Im sure your belly looks like a baby bump, not a beer belly! Enjoy it, have a fab week. Visiting from the Fridays Letters link up :)