12 Weeks!

Baby Webster is 12 weeks today!  Yesterday was my 12 week doctors appointment and it was just the best thing ever.  Here's what I wrote to B about it:

B, I wish you could have been there so bad!!!! The ultrasound was so detailed...you could see the BONES in her fingers, her spine...it was insane.  I hope the video is clear enough for you!!  He was flipping all around, and when we first peered in to his little world, it looked like he was scratching his head.  The movement was non-stop.  Some kicking, and TONS of moving her arms everywhere and rolling from side to side.  In the video I said, “he has his Halloween mask on” because that is exactly what his face looked like: a skeleton mask.  It was the coolest thing I’ve seen.  The heart beat was nice and steady.  Not as fast as last month, but strong and steady.  When I went in the dr. was just going to do the Doppler so she could check the heartbeat.  Well, I said “hang on, let me get my camera out because my husband is deployed and wants to be able to see the appointments and hear the baby.”  The Dr. was like, “aww, do you want an ultrasound?”  I was like, “YES!!  Oh my God, really??  Oh my God, Oh my God!!”.  Her assistant was all teared up because her dad just got back from a deployment, so we were all a mess.  I gave the assistant my iPad to record it on, and the first minute she just took a picture, not a recording.  But then she realized it wasn’t on video, so that’s what you were hearing us talking about at the very start of the video.  I just can’t get over the movement...our baby was going crazy!!  I keep re-watching the video and playing the whole ultrasound over in my head :)

Weekly Notes
Baby is growing like crazy, because I'm so exhausted all the time
No more morning sickness!!!!
I'm starting to fill out a little.  It looks like I ate an entire Chipotle burrito, but really it's my baby!
Still can't eat vegetables.  I had a tomato on a burger earlier this week and thought it tasted like vomit.  I ate a ton of salad at Olive Garden on Saturday (still no tomatoes though)!!!
Discovered almond milk and my life will never be the same.  I eat a few bowls of cereal a day and feel great, unlike when I drink dairy milk
Had my first real BM in like a month.  Also life changing.
My mom and mother in law are throwing me showers in late September
Overall, I'm doing great.  So excited for the rest of this pregnancy!

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