Segway Tour

While B and I were up in Chicago visiting my family, my dad decided we should take a Segway tour along the Lake.  As nerdy as it was, it was actually really fun!  The weather was perfect and there wasn't a lot of peds, so we were able to zip along at a pretty good pace.

Dad & Mom

Rockin' the sexy helmets

My first Chicago-style hotdog...the hot peppers made my life!

The Shedd Aquarium

Love the panorama feature on our little camera!!

Part of the memorial at Soldier Field (where the Bears play)

If you ever have the option to take a Segway tour DO IT!  Yes, you will feel so dorky.  But it is a lot of fun, and hopefully your tour guide will be like our and give us all kinds of fun facts!


  1. OMG... I wanna do this so bad!

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    Happy Easter!