A little award!

I have like 6 posts that I'm working on in my draft folder...next Thursday I PROMISE ya'll will have lots to read :)

Allie, from Semper Feisty Wife gave me a little blog award!  Thank you :)

In no order, 5 of my favorite blogs:

1) Cindy, over at a+c+l+p  Cindy always seems to have such a great outlook on life.  I just really like how honest she is and how on bad days she still finds the good.
2) Ashley at Sloanbook  I just love her blog!  She writes well and I think we would laugh a lot if we were real-life friends.  
3) Jamie at Handling with Grace  My favorite part about her blog is Military Monday.  I love reading about other duty stations and finding new military blogs to follow!
4) Emily at Wanderlust  Girl takes cool pictures.  I've been reading her blog since she was LacyMaybell (no idea if that is spelled right).
5) Lori at Always Learning  Ok, this woman has well over 200 followers.  BUT she writes the most Godly, thought-provoking posts.  She always precedes her own personal thoughts with quotes from scripture, so you know what her angle is.

If you received this award please pass it on to 5 of your favorite blogs! 
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