It's been a busy few week over here!  B can back home on the 10th, so we just enjoyed each others company again.    On Valentines Day I went and had my blood drawn to check my thyroid.  B and I used a Groupon to get some take-out Mexican food and ate at home (we aren't big into Valentines Day).  Friday the 17th was my LAST DAY OF WORK!!  I worked a half day and then let the new nanny take over.  It feels so good to be done with the drama that family has!

That evening I dropped Mackie off at my friends house so she could puppy sit while B and I went to Vegas for his birthday.  My friend has a big chocolate lab named Daisy, and Mackie was just in HEAVEN.  They played the entire weekend :)

B and I met Ross and Megan (Bs BFF and his fiance) in Vegas Saturday at noon.  We stayed at the Trump Tower and spent most of our time at the Vanitian and Treasure Island since they were the closest casinos to us.  The boys played craps most of the time, while Megan and I went shopping.  Saturday was Bs 26th birthday!  After the boys gambled for a little bit, we went to The Capital Grille for dinner.  Then B got a migrane so we made it an early night and I think we were all asleep by 10.

Sunday morning was spend getting wasted tipsy on mimosas at the MGM during breakfast, and then shopping (for us girls).  The shops in the Vanitian are beyond high-end!  Trying on Louboutins and my dream Michael Kors rose gold watch totally made my day!  Then Megan and I went to a store more in our price range-Nordstrom.  It's been like 9 months since I was last in one, and I was in heaven.  I spent all my gambling money on new jeans...God, I love nice jeans.  After that, we went back to Treasure Island to hand out with the guys and drink (free) white russians.  By 3 Megan and I were dead, so we went back to our room and slept till like 5.  The boys came back, napped with us, and then went back out.  Megan had a headache and I thought I had food poisoning so after the nap us girls insisted the boys go back out and have fun, and we went back to sleep!

When I find my camera I'll do a picture post.  But all in all, it was a good time!  B had a blast and that, to me, was the most important thing!


  1. I love Vegas! My husband and I got married there the first time around haha! It was so much fun! Is the Trump tower the one that looks like it is falling over? I had nightmares about that crazy looking builder for a month after I saw it haha!

    1. I don't think that's the one...It would have scared me had it been :)

  2. I love Vegas! Such a fun city :)