Sick Day

Well, after being pretty healthy for the past 7 months, I finally got sick.  I think it's from the little boy I nanny.  We were going over parts of the face and when I asked here his teeth were and he put his whole fist in his mouth.  So then I said, "well, where are Miss Michelle's teeth", thinking pointing to someone else's teeth would be easier than his own.  And BAM, I got a slobbery, spitty hand in my mouth.  So gross.  This kid has been sick since Christmas (some sort of cold/sinus infection I think.  I don't know, his parents don't take him to the dr, when his nose is a green faucet).  By 7pm that night, I was already feeling crummy.  When I got to my Bible study, there were like 5 girls gone who them/their kids were all sick.  So who knows, it could be from S or the 20 new people I've met at Church.  Either way, it sucks.
I have a fever, headache from my sinuses, sore throat, and have been asleep since 11 this morning.
Mackie has been surprisingly good today, mainly napping with me and letting himself out to go potty.  I just made a bowl of mashed sweet potatoes because that was the most nutrient-dense thing I could think of to eat that wouldn't have dairy in it.  I've also been chugging water, tea, and Emergen-C.  Tomorrow I'm volunteering at Church before the service and CAN NOT back out.  Ugh.
Nothing like being sick when you had tons of plans, huh?

The gust room is filled with piles of stuff to donate to Good Will/ the base Thrift Store-that was supposed to be done today.  I needed to work out and take Mackie on a long walk.  I wanted to go to the beach since I look like a ghost.  Oh well.
Maybe Monday or Tuesday when I have off from work!


  1. Sorry you feel crummy. I hope you feel better soon!

    ps-what church are you going to?

  2. Awww! I hope you feel better! Being sick is just awful!