Nail Polish

A few weekends ago I took myself shopping (big mistake).  Needing more mascara and a facial moisturizer, I wandered in to Sephora.  They had a small-ish selection of Sephora by OPI nailpolish, and knowing I'd already spent way more than I should have, I figured a few more dollars wouldn't hurt.  I grabbed Read My Palm, a teal color that's a little more green than Tiffany Blue.  I'm in LOVE and have given myself two manicures with it since then.
Never mind the fact that the gremlin I nanny had her nails painted the same color when I got to work last week...It's a great spring/summer color that I'll be wearing till it's gone!

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  1. Very pretty! I am obsessed with nail polish :) I'm going to have to get this color!