MLK Weekend

It was a relaxing and busy weekend! On Saturday B and I took off to Cabrillo National Monument, down in Point Loma.  From Oceanside it only took us about 20 minutes to get there.  And parking was free since it was a holiday weekend.  We first went down to see the tide pools and walk around on the rocks, but it was still high tide.
Driving down to sea-level before going to the Lighthouse

Walking out on the rocks

Love looking out to the ocean...nothin' out there till Japan :)

Some Coastie housing
We didn't go up in the lighthouse, but we did go in an old underground surveillance post that was used in WWII...it was basically a two-story deep bunker.  Pretty cool, for history nerds like the husband and myself.

Sunday we went to Church together after I worked in the nursery for the morning sermon.  Love those crazy kiddos.  

Monday was spent cleaning the house (me) and working in the garage (B) and napping (Mackie).

Today has been spent mending some of Bs utes, and LOTS of organizing/purging the upstairs.  Whenever B leaves/is about to leave I go through a major nesting phase.  I'll have to post pictures of everything that is going to Goodwill/being sold.  It's a bit intense.

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