Fill in the Blank Friday

Today was so shitty.  First I learned that there have been a string of robberies in my neighborhood.  During the day-late evening, the guys are breaking  in WHILE PEOPLE ARE HOME.  Yes, I know that the only "safe" part of Oceanside is this center cluster that we live in.  You go less than 5 miles away in any direction, and you are in the bad neighborhoods.  The ones with gangs, drugs, and low-income families who might really be trying to have a better life, but they are stuck.  I was just sick with worry all day.  And of course California is SO STUPID, and I can't carry my gun with me in the car.  Even with a CHL.  Our whole neighborhood is made up of Marines, a few cops, some teachers...middle-income, GOOD people.  Sorry to rant, but I'm scared and mad!

Of course G was a living nightmare today.  10 hours of whining, hitting, "crying", and throwing her self on the ground when I would ignore her.  Since I told the family I am quitting, I had the balls to tell the mom how horrific  today went.  I really don't care that they now know how bad their kids are.  They deserve to know that their whole "non-discipline" approach has backfired.

On to better news:  A girlfriend from church and her big chocolate lab, Daisy, are coming over tomorrow for a puppy play-date.  Mackie is SO excited, obviously ;)

Then on Tuesday my sorority sister, Katie, and I are getting together for a day of crafting!  I'm planning on practicing my binding so when Ceanna and I make her baby's bedding I won't mess it all up :)

Here is my Fill in the Blank Friday!

1. The first thing I do in the morning is: take my temp temp.  Then hit snooze.

2. Every night before bed I: set my alarm and get cozy with my million pillows!

3. My favorite thing to do when I'm having a bad day is: sleep!!

4. Something that makes me cringe is: poor hygiene! 

5. Social situations can make me anxious, depending of what they are for.  Meeting B's bosses= anxious.

6. I like to collect: honestly, nothing.  I'm not a pack-rat.

7. Weekends are for sleeping in and playing with the pup all day!

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