So pissed off

Here's a fb message that greeted me this afternoon:

I'm running out the door, but B really needs to chill out, I told him I'd call him when I get into town and when I get a chance, and i will...I'm in AZ spending time with family, and trying to get some other things done, and am kinda getting annoyed with him calling me in the middle of stuff. So i will get in touch with him when I get there. Thank you. I hope all is going well, I'll talk to you later

Really?  Why don't you just fuck yourself and leave me out of your little boy drama.  If my husband is annoying you that don't answer the phone.  Or be a big boy and tell him to his face.  Don't send his wife a rude message.

I don't like this guy.  He failed 4 flights in primary and 2 in advanced, yet still got his wings.  Go Navy, right?  And he's been a huge jack-ass to B....one of this 'only when convient' friends.  But B keeping being nice to him and wants to hang out once the guy finishes PCSing down to North Island in San Diego.  Obviously I will not be involved in that meeting.

Ok, back to laundry.

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  1. Wow, what a douche bag! I can't believe he contacted you. There is definitely a problem with that!