Being apart

I can't believe I actually got EVERYTHING done on my to-do list yesterday!  I'm so bad about doing laundry, and then leaving it in the hamper for a few days, or leaving clean dishes just sitting in the dishwasher.

I'm headed off to Wal-Mart to pick up some more hangers, as well as some bins for the kitchen (cereal containers, etc).  With B leaving on Sunday I want to get the house nice and organized for him.

The first time we were apart was last summer when I went to SOS (an Air Force thing) with Heather and Annabelle for 6 weeks.  But because it was just in Montgomery, I drove back down to Pensacola every weekend.  Except once, when he went to DC for his uncles wedding.  Then we didn't see each other for two weeks.
The next time was when I went to Japan from December to February.  We were apart for 10 weeks, 10 days of which we had zero contact due to no internet at the Japan house.
We were apart for maybe a week or two prior to our wedding in June, but I was so busy with wedding stuff and he was so busy with AMO School stuff that it was no big deal.
This time it will be for 6 weeks, and honestly I'm not feeling much sadness about B leaving.  I think it's because he'll just be 4 hours away and in a safe environment.  Yes, of course I wish we could crawl in to bed together every night.  But this is his job, ya know?  I know to cherish the time we have together, and so I do!

Plus, with a 2012 deployment looking 80% certain, these little jaunts apart are nothing big.  I guess I just have a very lax stance of being apart.  I know it will be much different when he is overseas and in danger.  But while he is state-side and safe, I'm a happy little wife!

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