Movie Review. Again.

B and I just got back from seeing Warrior.  It was pretty good, although slow at some parts (i.e. when there was no fighting).  It's not a chick-flick in any way so your man should love it (or you, if you are like me and hate to feel emotion at the theater.  I am emotional enough in real life, thanks).  And the hot blonde Dr. from House is in it too.  We spent the extra two bucks a person and sat in the D-Box seats.

Who ever was on the naming committee for the chairs should be fired.  D-Box.  Really?  Sounds like d-bag, to me.  Anyways, the seats vibrate and move and were too tall so my feet couldn't reach the floor.  Not worth the extra few dollars, though the really big jolts were fun.  But I think kids would think it was the most awesome thing in the world.

I have some really fun news, but I'll leave that till tomorrow.  I'm exhausted and need to convince B to watch his TV movie in bed so I can sleep.  Anyone else feel cool going to bed on a Friday night before midnight?  Just me?

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