Things that Make Me Smile

This weekend B and I joined the big-kids club and bought a living room rug and decorative couch pillows (any one else call the living room the 'den'?  My Texan parents both call it a den, I call it a den, and growing up out side of Chicago, it was called everything from the 'front room' to 'den', to 'living room'.)  Anyways, it drives B up a wall when I call it that (his Texas self thinks dens are rec-rooms.  Which are really what people called basements in like the 70s.  Maybe).  So 'living room' it is.
Please excuse the Rubber Made containers that are serving as our coffee tables...we aren't THAT mature yet.
Also, say hi to my sweet hot pink computer.
And the rug is NOT animal print.  It's floral.

Ok, on to things that make me happy:
1) LOVE my new nannying job!!  Today was my first kinda-day.  The mom, N, and I took the kids to the park and she basically walked me through what their mornings look like.  Our schedule will go something like this for the next month:  Breakfast, park and snack, lunch, nap/quiet time, play in the backyard and snack.  So I get to run around with 2 precious kiddos and not wear real work clothes.  Win.
2)  The two new nail polish colors I got: Essie 'cute as a button' and 'dive bar'

3)  When I bought a tall iced coffee from the B&N Starbucks and the girl gave me a venti because I tipped her.  I just thought that was so sweet!

4)  The breadmaker that B and I received as a wedding gift!  I use it at least once a week to make our bread and other goodies I don't need to be eating.  I told you I am a closet hippie.  But the green kind, not the druggie kind.

So, my sister-in-law recommended "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" as a means of not getting knocked up but still being off the pill (and making babies when we are ready)  Any one use it/tried it?  I'd love your opinions!!


  1. Hey, I have enjoyed reading your blog. I saw you were following me so I thought I would return the love lol. I hope you have a great day :)

  2. SO I am still jealous you are in an actually house... a nice one... off base! Nice snag. Those are not easy to find.

    Congrats on your nanny job! Sounds fun :)

    And I am going to need to look into that book. I am so sick of being on the pill, and we are SOOO not ready for kids. So, let me know how that works out for you :)

  3. We found it on militarybyowner.com I was SO freaked out about moving here with no place to stay, so we rented it almost 2 months before we got here! Luckily our landlords are staying local so that makes us feel better :)