Poor B

I think I gave B a heart attack when he came home from work last night.  I had my copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility sitting on the bar in the kitchen.  B walks in and goes, "Oh my God.  What is THAT!!??".  I, of course, died laughing, and was like, "No, no! No babies!!  It's how to NOT get knocked up while I'm off the Pill!!  Your sister recommended it to me".  B didn't see the humor in it and turned around to call Tara and give her grief.  He's so ornery.

On to some random things:
Mixing liquid soap and vinegar in a little dish really does kill gnats! I set a little dish out before I left for Base and 2 hours later, they are all dead in the bottom of the bowl.  Sweet.

I've been doing this work out I found on Pintrest.  While my arms aren't sore, my abs are (from the planks, I assume).  Which feels really good!

10 days till our 2-month wedding anniversary.  I have like 70 more thank you notes to write.  Crunch time!

More later, I'm off to make lunch and read!

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  1. Oh wow! thank you, thank you for the tip on gnats! :) We have them in our kitchen, and it's not like my kitchen is a mess or there is anything spoiled laying around! So thank you, lol!

    And no - we haven't found a good Mexican place yet - boo!