May Recap

May has flown by!  Last week we took advantage of our four-day weekend and drove up to Long Beach via PCH to visit the Aquarium.
Visiting the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta and the Works Aquarium in Okinawa have both left me super jaded.  I just wasn't impressed with this California aquarium.  We still had lots of fun, and I got to poke a jellyfish.  They feel like poking a muscley arm or leg, I was surprised!  I expected a jellyfish to be squishy and soft.

Elizabeth's newest trick is sitting up by herself, which gave us the cutest photo op of her and a (fake) penguin.  My grandmother asked if it was a real penguin.  I told her if it had bed I would have put it in my diaper bag and ran off.

After going through all the galleries we walked over to the lighthouse and watched some fishing boats come in.

On Monday Elizabeth had her first bite of real food!  We gave her a giant chunk of avocado and let her have at it.

Looks like a highchair is on the "to buy" list this month!

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